In July of that year

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Short fiction film
Role: scriptwriter, director
Project in development

“In July of that year” is a short fiction film at the stage of the first draft of the script. The project was developed in Wajda School & Studio. In May of 2023 I filmed the workshop scene, which is available upon request.  


The Mother meets her Daughter. She’s moving out and wants to give her the keys, but also something else – a small, wooden, vanity mirror – the family’s treasure. It’s old-fashioned and very unwieldy. The Daughter doesn’t want it. The Mother, to change her mind, starts to tell the story of how she got it from her mum. We go back in time to the 70’, 40 and 10’. With every time jump we see the same situation played by the same pair of actresses. These are the previous generations of the family. When we get to the beginning of the century, we discover the story behind the tiny furniture. The Daughter is forced to get married, but she doesn’t want to, because she is in love with another woman. The Mother is convinced there is no other way, because of economic matters. When they negotiate, while trying out the wedding dress, the Mother tells the Daughter that she knows about her love and accepts it. This is the moment when both women can see each other and finally meet.

Stills from the workshop scene.